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Now available: 35 Silly Stories Why!

Kids ask a lot of questions.

Why is water wet? Why is the sky blue? Why is sugar sweet? Sometimes, you just don’t have the right answer!


That’s why "35 Silly Stories Why" is the perfect book for primary school teachers and parents of young children looking to spark their kids' imagination and sense of humor.


This collection of beautifully illustrated stories offers silly answers to the questions that curious kids have been asking forever.

35 silly Stiries Cover Logo Unit.png

A lot of 'whys' answered.

With its easy-to-read layout and beautiful illustrations, "35 Silly Stories Why" is a favorite among children and parents alike!


The book is filled with entertaining and imaginative stories that help improve vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. The stories also introduce different types of literature, such as poetry and satire, making it an engaging and fun way for kids to learn important life lessons.

35 tough questions answered, hours of reading time at just $5.99!

Now, you can purchase the e-book, specially designed to work across devices for just $5.99 by clicking the link below. 

"If you're looking for a book that's sure to put a smile on your child's face and get their imagination running wild, look no further! My child couldn't put it down! I highly recommend it for any parent looking to encourage a love of reading and a sense of humor in their child."

Nino B.

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